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Do we as Americans back off from the successes we've achieved?

August 21, 2023 at 6 A.M. Eastern Time

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Douglas Winslow's "Not Betting on Baseball and Winning"
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Of concern recently is artificial intelligence and the industries that back it. I am a critic of the Andy Rubin and Astro Teller system at Google that have culminated in disposable junk bins of graphics and stimuli being placed into the family, where we have no choice but to be depressed or challenge the flawed personalities that were put at the company in the first place to cause us to act up. The average corporate way has been shut down to terms of "don't expect to win, expect to spend, and expect no phone number to contact us". We'll be talking more about the slow end of Google later, but suffice it to say that bad design decisions have placed Android at a crucial intersection of human behavioral concern, in a year where it's reported that incidents against the self are increasing, in an ego-inflated ownership market built on stolen media and eager learners. Newer Android devices are depressing users. The fix is just an implausible software update away, locked behind every battery-re-selling reason of corporate greed in hardware.

How would you handle a face-double of an acquaintance being shown to you in an application meant to improve the source code of the telephones you are using? We don't have the source code blueprints of Android in Google; they are locked companies and products. The only way the company has provided to express things to change products in the modern era is convoluted dialog boxes that don't allow a user to express beyond answering a cryptic question that may or may not relate to product improvement. I would suggest that you consider the gravity of the screenshot provided below in this post, as behavioral testing is a complex topic. I should express that you are not constrained by the systems that claim to support you, as a 'system' itself seems to be defined as an enslaved many into a flexible means.

Rather, I would option to say that you are restricted, not constrained, by the systems that support you. Not many Americans have noticed the card game called "alphabet" that has been raised into their lives by way of the typewriter industry and its necessity for sales. Consider it slowly: Yes, the alphabet in mechanics is a card game implement. C.

The memories we have of friends and family are the true victory over the alphabet game, and we should be proud that we are the generation that finally put the "keyboard", a hidden politician typecasting system, up for criticism. I am very cautiously happy to know that the people I've backed are successes. The company must return the rights of the American family or the government shouldn't be paid any more. (Note: Google is also a virtual government.)

The Linux operating system is what we, the public, meant to bring you, after-hours, not in a company, with understandings about the restrictive and cost-oppressive computer and the industry that built it that were not possible for novices or experts to learn with previous operating systems.

If Google hadn't stolen Linux to bootstrap on the back of the public good into its present-day servicable bad affair, then Microsoft would've been the thief. Start off by telling Google to get its own logo colors. Then, tell Microsoft to stop copying Google software strategies. People shouldn't need to feel ill just because a company cannot choose a human-compatible color palette for a telephone required by the State.

My role in Linux is not very well understood: I'm a reason for myself to show up and do something useful. Please wait.

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