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Linux Laptop Battery Meter

September 6, 2022 at 6 P.M. Eastern Time

I've been working on a command-line battery meter for my laptop for the past few days, since the one built into Debian's GNOME desktop is so inaccessible and inaccurate. Github was down earlier, so I decided to just release this code here on my web site.

I just added some nutritional information to this while writing this post, because, of course, some people want to know their own run-time in relation to the computer's run-time. Obviously we don't eat batteries..

  • batter.php.gz (PHP script, 10/27/2023, gzip, 4.0 kilobytes decompressed)
  • batter.php.gz (PHP script, 9/6/2022, gzip, 5.0 kilobytes decompressed)
  • batter20220906.png (PNG screen grab, 43.1 kilobytes)

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