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BitTorrent metafile verifier

September 11, 2022 at 11 P.M. Eastern Time

Ever been stuck in a BitTorrent session that would never end? Of course not..

If you want to know how the BitTorrent metafile format worked, you can find any number of tutorials online. I'm glad I saved my metafiles, because after writing this tool I was reminded that there are a few BitTorrent sessions that did not complete.

There are easier ways to write this, I'm sure. Plans include a boundary check that allows for patching the BitTorrent session files with known good data. I will probably revisit my Famicom Disk System file system reader tool before I work on adding that.

  • chktorrent.php.gz (PHP script, gzip, 7.7 kilobytes decompressed)
  • chktorrent20220911.png (PNG screen grab, 128.4 kilobytes)

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