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Calling out the English of the Calendar

August 20, 2021 at 4 P.M. Eastern Time

Have you ever wondered why the word "calendar" is so necessary to describe in the English language what the calendar is?

The word seems to have a monopoly on the thing. Ugh. Did you find the morally bankrupt stimulation phrases 'see a lender' and 'call lender' hidden in the word "calendar"?

'Harumph, better check the calendar.'
'Where is my calendar?'
'Oh yeah, gotta schedule that appointment on your calendar.'
'Hey, that calendar can come back from where it went to, is what I said, buddy.'

Some people allow their clock and calendar to run their life. Likewise, people of the cellular era often allow proprietary clocking to ruin their lives with grief and misfortune. For example, have you ever received a push notification or an e-mail from a bill collector that's meant to make you feel, however happy you are at the moment, like you're now "on-call" to the company? It's like it (the logo) is there to remind you of why you should be sad.

Believe it or not, unwanted notifications comprise most of the unhappiness in a phone user's life these days. Telemarketers didn't stop calling you because you bought a cellphone, they just stand in line at Apple and Google waiting to make your life miserable. You used to keep the office stuff at the office, or on the desk in the den.. right?

How did corporate manage to get a company pager in your hands, able to beep and buzz and prod you at any hour of the day or night, with you being the one paying for cellular or wi-fi access to the network that takes your job somewhere else unless you play along as Pavlov's dogs?

As someone who remained on the P.C. and didn't switch to a mobile device, it's a very important struggle to note. The computer does know how to obey the user if it's set up correctly, but newer systems produced by Microsoft and Apple are sliding away from running on the user's comfort standard. (Note: Google has not yet produced a system, and they have never had a user comfort standard for their services.)

Because most operating system companies are moving to a graphics and gaming system style of experience, I'm going to take a look back and let you know how the earlier generation was brought up on maze imprinting.

World #16 of Super Mario Brothers has a curious maze that encourages players to plan for success on the lowest path.
If the player chooses the middle or top path, they encounter more obstacles and an endless loop that allows retrying the maze.

In the presence of a calendar, however, the puzzle encourages spenders in contextual evaluation to save money until the end of the month:

Orioles Baseball schedule looks like Super Mario maze


Other combined mechanics of gameplay, while seemingly random, prime players for affecting upcoming events.
There are many two-block apparatus in this game that invite speculation about weekends.
(Search for the sky vine to find a paid three-day-weekend, if you're lucky.)

Someone is enjoying their Sunday.

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