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No more internet canaries in bully coal mines

April 6, 2022 at 3 P.M. Eastern Time

If there were an advance warning system in man's life to stop most of our typical troubles before they started, would you believe the Internet is the culmination of technology's modern answer to this?

Ever since "the network" was put into our lives, the question has been "why would I want it?" That later matured into the question "why would I need it?" That was likely true of people who thought they needed a question and answer session to justify how life went. Therefore, from that, we could assume that, eventually, the "corporate balance sheet" defined the need into these people's lives for a want of a question and answer on the topic of whether or not we needed a network around us to supplement (reiterate and increment upon) or divert (branch and carry, and return into) the typical human family existence.

As with most innovations that plan to add a duration to your day with a convenient solution for the minutes spent learning how to use it, the new network (Internet) overlapped and followed the old network (roads). The information superhighway is what they wanted to call Internet to make it more politically-obtainable and friendly. Oops. Understand, perhaps, the politican's eternal necessity for what we know today as Bitcoin, or cryptocurrency (useful memes, slogans, comments, catchphrases), but keep in mind that only a certain subset of politically knowledgable performers will point out this attractive branding-compliant floating roadsign to you.

That having been said, there is a controversy today about the usage of paid services such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Apple by unwitting participants who are not being afforded earning potential after placing their intellectual property (family artifacts such as photographs and videos, blog postings, etc.) near their person while they are in round-trip transit status on said networks.

Modern roadways of Internet or regular construction are subject to architectural failures which lead to government problems such as the response to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Architecture, due to its complexity and value, is cryptocurrency. Art expression with no real advantage to the end-user than to get itself funded (such as the H.U.D. resources map) seems to be the gauntlet that government puts in the life of the autistic when we are searching for an easy answer to a life crisis. The new trend of replacing traditional informative World-Wide-Web pages with dumbed down mobile-friendly button-press factories also shows that a counterintelligent move has happened to anger the American population.

There is fierce criticism of the Internet as it exists today. The failure of politician response has led us to a massive death toll in our community and elsewhere because there were not adequate communications that smart social distancing is more successful at fighting Coronavirus than more decades-old proprietary cryptocurrency with a payout of a question mark with no proven response protocol.

If you want to succeed at political cryptocurrency posturing, buy a digital watch that helps you keep track of both the time and the date. There is no secret number, and the computer will be very happy to help you understand that from 0 to 9. There are no special number codes that I know of, but some people like to keep track of their friends' birthdays or anniversaries. I like to keep things on a simple "is it Saturday yet?" track. Either you understand the ages-old art project known as the clock and calendar, or someone else understands it for you. If you don't care, then you're a different kind of bird, perhaps. Compare your new computer's seemingly infinite success to your family's success and maybe have a nice day with your valuable investment in looking professional.

If anyone in autism wants a tip, here it is: I don't often recommend technology to people. You've already got a better timing sense than YouTube does, as do most people who have disabilities, so consider whether or not you want to have and use a wristwatch. Timekeeping is a simple way to understand some of the hard constraints imposed on the "busy" world. The clock and calendar on the wristwatch clues you into the fact that something is changing for somebody, whoever it is, wherever they are, so you can think of it as an invisible balance with a difference that most elements of life are standardized to respect somehow, unlike anything on that multi-trillion dollar Internet. Don't let the watch or anything on the Internet bully you. Your needs as a person outrank the corporation's schedule. So, obviously, don't spend too much: that's key.

If you need to set the time and date of your watch, be sure to do it at a safe distance from others. Just as a sidenote, this laptop clocked itself at 2188.80 BogoMIPS using the Linux kernel version 5.10.109. Nerd. In other news, I'm probably going to delay rewriting my homepage for a while until I can find a way to show you reliable timing of a few things. Clock drift seems to be something that is unavoidable in anything but the most expensive overengineered or overnetworked clocks, however, I suspect it's nothing for the clock enthusiast community to worry about just yet as long as the clock keeps good time.

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