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An observation about color serif

June 5, 2019

I haven't updated you on my development tasks in a while, so I thought I'd show you some very old alpha screenshots of apps running on my system. You may know that I suspended development a while back, so here's what's old.

Recently, many have been talking about a new 'dark mode' added into the Apple iOS at their developer conference a few days ago, so I'll show you a screenshot of an organizational method I call 'color serif'. The initial version of the "dayplan" app used this, and it was first checked in on 6/29/2018. (The reader app with its markup parser was a separate codebase which was only rendering monochrome at that time, so I had an excuse to try innovative freeform layout models with the day planner.)

I will not go into further details of color serif other than to say that other elements of the 'reminders' service exhibited by Apple in their iOS 13 demo appear to be infringing.

From the many duties of a developer, there is one to start with: to know when to use restraint instead of abundance in adding important design elements. But if your creation looks and acts like everything else on the market, it's not very fun or original. I hope you understand why this is taking so long, and why I am waiting to decide whether or not to rewrite what was demonstrated in private situations to very few others under non-disclosure guidelines.

Every version of my code is still under a proprietary license for specifically this reason; it has not yet been released because I need to make it more enjoyable. This is not without a financial burden.


Apple intellectual property infringement

iOS 13 will be the first upgrade not compatible with my iPhone, and I can't afford a newer one. While you decide whether or not I am a better practicioner of color usage in operating system design than the oil slick graphics company, please enjoy not playing Tic-Tac-Toe.

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