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Working through the hassle of Debian Linux 12

June 25, 2023 at 9 A.M. Eastern Time

Here's my review of Debian Linux 12 — software-named "bookworm":

GNOME has lost all of its physical accessibility advantages and looks awful. If you rely on the GNOME desktop found in Debian 11, then do not upgrade to Debian Linux 12.

As a result, since there is now no easy method for the new user to contribute to GNU, and since I'm busy working in equal time on my own health, I will withhold the useful changes I've made to the Debian experience on my Chromebook until a true competitor to Ubuntu again becomes available.

As my Chromebook purchase was a temporary testing ground meant to judge the Linux hardware community during a government crisis, and as Linux 6 dropped support for the HP Snappy backlight leaving it uncomfortably blinding, I will elect to not convert my ThinkPad workstation to Debian from its current support system of Windows and Ubuntu. As for other initiatives in Linux, including writing, I'm still suspending those until I receieve fair treatment in rent assistance and hiring in Baltimore City.

Since the support system that brought me into Linux via the network in the 1990s is wrecked to the point of letting Debian be run by corporate whims these days without the arguments that made the software better, I will further not be supporting any expansion or initiative of the Free Software Foundation until they figure out why my trip to Boston was more healthy than my trip to Debian.

(My overhead costs to serve this home page to you are $60 U.S. dollars per year, not including the domain name and electricity costs, and a lot of miscellaneous contemplation.)

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