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What, me worry?

February 21, 2022 at 4 P.M. Eastern Time

First of all, just an update about my health. The rumors of my hospitalization were true. In November and December, I was recovering from an awful health problem. I'd been outside for about seventy days, and when lymph nodes swelled up and diabetic symptoms started to get worse, I decided that the biopsy recommended by a doctor would be a useful thing to consider.

If you're curious about what happens to you during this type of experience, understand that your role as the patient in a biopsy usually involves remaining very still in the operating room and not moving around much. The affected area is provided temporary numbness via anesthesia, and a biopsy needle with several segments is used to remove lymph node fluid from your body. This could take up to an hour in certain cases, but in my case it lasted about a half-hour. Note: there is typically a clock in an operating room.

So, the results came back from the laboratory to my doctor in about a week, and the doctor's opinion was that the biopsy result was unremarkable. That's doctor language that says the biopsy showed no sign of cancer.

Another year, another reason to be a Baltimore Orioles fan.

Anyway, I've been in a men's shelter recovering from the Maryland State Government's lack of response helping me gain housing assistance during the aforementioned incident. This contact crisis is in line with what happened a year ago when Coronavirus fears closed down all the local government housing authorities. Although there are options in employment, things such as that do take a toll on the body, so I'll endeavor to update this again when convenient.


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