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Crock-a-dial done Douglas, or, What happened to Governor Hogan?

November 20, 2021 at 2 P.M. Eastern Time

I've been spending my time in Baltimore County for the past 2.5 months trying to prove there is a problem in the security net that is supposed to keep homelessness away from people who have handicaps and disabilities. I am trying to use my Social Security income to prove that there is a management crisis in how local government approaches solving problems for people who have autism.

After the coronavirus pandemic hit, social services in the State of Maryland and elsewhere underwent a drastic shift:

As temperatures drop below freezing in this area, the message from the answerless part of the government of the United States of America still seems to be "spend, or wait for us to force you into a situation of spending more". Housing, a human right that will surely be free worldwide at some point in the near or distant future, is something that most take for granted in an expensive-to-understand computerized country such as this.

In my experience, trying to call Governor Hogan's office since January of 2021 to seek housing help has only resulted in more confusion and no stable housing situation. My only advice right now is to start training your family's current or future governor. If not, then at least call your local politician and make sure you can get an answer.

Given their popular visibility on the network we are forced to tolerate, the famous politicians that ran for election and won their office have not sufficiently addressed the concerns about confusing non-standard response protocols during a disaster. This doesn't seem to be smart or safe.

I am attempting to limit myself to jobs that do not require HireVue or a video interview to gain employment. I have concerns about how the ever-expanding computer burden that is placed upon job-seekers is causing disencouragement of the popular incentive to work. If a handshake was good enough for Grandpa, and a paper employment form was good enough for Dad, why are we forcing Junior to get sidetracked into time-sharing with apps and playing social media video games at the same time they're trying to navigate companies' unique hiring websites?

I mentioned I was looking for some simple paid local employment to support my financial goals of earning beyond S.S.I. income so I can get an apartment or house. As of this post, one employer did not hire, two other employers have expressed interest in an interview, and another employer is awaiting more information. This started with exiting from a motel stay 67 days ago on September 13, 2021. Please be aware that the process of breaking from a seemingly no-gain productivity cycle, one of many different cycles encountered in the past, is sometimes confusing for autistic people who are not being provided sufficient opportunities in structure or schedule.

Also: To Congressman Kweisi Mfume, thank you for your response e-mail earlier this week to a concern I sent to your office about differing and confusing coronavirus testing situations that I encountered in Baltimore City.

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