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If only someone would hire a struggling author, said the struggling baseball team's fan

July 1, 2023 at 9 P.M. Eastern Time

from the at-least-its-not-a-computes-gazette-reference department of
Douglas Winslow's
"Not Betting on Baseball and Winning"
the book that predicted the simpsons again
release date estimate: 2023 or later

I've survived ten months here at home without missing a rent payment. While I'm still in recovery from the health problems of December 2022, I figured I'd apply to some jobs again so I can gain income and start to spend up into the economy instead of sitting at home all day as a consumer of media content feeling proud of the fact I survived America's lack of housing in 2021. (Say, what ever happened to Ben Carson, Donald Trump, and H.U.D.?)

I detected that I was being ran as an author more than a few years ago (that's not a good feeling), in that things in real life wouldn't happen in my favor unless I posted to social networks. So since I was able to guide most of those problems of many types being presented by many people's situations to a servicable juncture, most of my works are on hiatus while the government figures out how to stop pandering to media so they can provide to me the housing and health benefits that my parents and I paid into in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. There's also that writers' strike.

As I started writing formally while I was homeless in BWI Airport in 2018, I'm pretty sure there is a good time at some point to be a paid author. When I'm happy with how I can set up my own life with what I've earned so I don't always have to hook into a government benefit system to stay healthy, you'll probably have a lot better idea of the scope of what I'd like to accomplish in the fields I'm represented in. As for what the internet has to offer today, I think a lot of people, perhaps not a majority, are in agreement with me that we've gotten to the point that developers are just juggling sand on the network to stay in credits. A friend of mine from IRC years ago was very instrumental in the one-two mentality that I follow sometimes where I like to have an off-line victory waiting and ready for every on-line success; that is not always easy to see.

What I write in this particular title is usually fortified fiction, in that you will probably have a few happy familiar things to consider after reading. So consider that if we've talked on IRC or elsewhere, then the interesting network I'm bringing up in these texts is probably something that could lead to a greater success at some point in the past, present, or future — keeping in mind that re-evaluation often lifts more boats than running a problem into the ground until video games happen. My mother was a substitute teacher, so what I can say is that I'm trying to express that boundary systems and a respect for boundaries are important near an unbounded and overbranded methodology system such as software arts.

I'd like to note to you today that I have not used artificial intelligence to produce anything, nor have I reviewed or used automated language generation beyond the old trick of picking a random word from the dictionary manually. Should it pay to be human? I think so. But I also think people need a reasonable non-computer framework, somewhat trending science fiction, to avoid the failures that I have been shown around my situation. As I mentioned, the current act break is what I've called to set up some future successes now that I have a genuine idea of how to start planning for the internet users that won't be here for another decade. That's why me earning beyond Social Security funds paying my rent is a necessity. Time to wait until work gets back to work so I can maybe get back to work, you know?

P.S.: Look for the Star Trek: The Next Generation technical manual. No hurry, yeah? We're going to do a deep dive on that at some point for an important reason.

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