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UNIversity X 1971: Dr. Richard Stallman has been found to be lower-cased by the motion picture game, and you and I are also victims.

November 23, 2023 at 3:33 P.M. Eastern Time

(Disclaimer: Halfway through writing this, I put this paragraph here. Maybe if you were an actor, you'd need to know, first, to keep too many distractions away from whatever your first gut feeling as a human is. On the other side of whatever problem is being depicted here is a motion picture industry with hundreds of years of professional lineage to get a rise out of people, because that's what they wanted. As I've said elsewhere, most of the world is a really nice front that sometimes is made to scare money out of you so you purchase too much, which leads to more frustrated customers and a worse public product. Here we are. So now that we've dropped into the debugger, and since everything on the Internet seems free enough to borrow now, always remember to limit your exposure to too many problems at the same time. The problems are already solved and have been there for a very long time, and too many people are now trapped in everyday app pattern-tests which are failing them towards the center point of non-expression, thus devaluing their original lifestyle choices. I hope you're going to be a good documentation person for whatever you want to express some day. People do have a right to locate themselves outside of the 'tall sciences' of locked frameworks or structures.)

I've set out to find any interesting first-level coincidences in motion pictures today, and since Thanksgiving is on the calendar, I thought I'd watch 'A Clockwork Orange', as orange is a color that's represented in the typical color palette of that holiday. Not surprisingly, the movie starts with a red backdrop to make you think about how the film negative would deteriorate, perhaps.

I'm going to go with that as the explanation, because it seems many things in entertainment have been troublesome since the DVD CCA sued a bunch of Slashdot commenters around the turn of the century because we mirrored DVD decryption code. That code was said to be necessary to have for us to watch legally-purchased movie industry DVDs using the Linux operating system. I saw it not as piracy, but as my guaranteeing access to the content on the disc in an immediate necessity (which turned out in hindsight to be me planning for a crisis situation in every column).

The movie industry lost in their lawsuit and went silent for many years until hitting, in mode at the news system, via industry titan Apple, which raided journalists for their pickup of a lost prototype iPhone 4 in California. (In hindsight, this was a hidden set-up so people such as myself who produce software in this realm would be evaluated, hasseled, and judged on the non-industry side of the software mobility problem, with arts as the cross-boundary tie method.)

I was expressing as a designer back in 2011 (that's a valid year, believe it or not), while prototyping my personal successor to the Palm Pilot (now INITUI). Having already spoken as a critic of Apple's then-recent iPhone suicides in China, I e-mailed Eben Moglen of the SFLC hoping to talk about GPL licensing. Receiving no e-mail response from Mr. Moglen, I found that he started to back FreedomBox, a Debian-based Linux distribution which undercut my choice of OpenWRT on Linksys – a wonderful platform to learn about how to provide for the mobile web browser economy of that day.

I soon found that I was placed into this evolving problem network as a hospital reverser because of my mother – her death in 1984 after her open heart surgery broke my academic life in grade school. After my father's death in 2009, I bought a MacBook Pro and a CDMA iPhone 4 so I could start to reliably use and criticize the products of Apple, as that was when the company was still mostly liked by the media. Steve Jobs, a holdover from me continuously not paying his company since 1978, claimed via marketing to have a Mac OS that made Unix a necessity to learn. I hadn't left Windows, Linux, BSD, or the Worldwide-Web, but patronage as a customer was said to be how we could change the course of those somewhat-overpriced products and the societal systems that they affected – the MacBook being very open at the time. I registered my proximity networking startup Colon Three as a real business in Delaware, and paid Apple in full for iPod and iPhone development software, including XCode and one year of Apple development system software updates. I also enrolled as a Safari (WebKit) platform devleoper. (It's noteworthy that Apple does not hire and proves to cancel entire product lineups when you rank up in virtual college theory versus real money need: my most recent job application to Apple immediately canceled the iPod hardware lineup. Since OpenAI is the latest game system for industry to use to break down the college to steal everyone's output, Apple Vision Pro – a competitor to my headmounted Nintendo DS Linux concept that led to INITUI and many other designers' more closed concepts – has been fast-tracked to launch again. My entry point to this fight is that my name is embedded in the branding system of 2013's Google Glass and 2004's Nintendo D-S. I was also a licensed developer with advantage on Nintendo 3DS. I was and still am at the maximum intersection potential of these products' dispatches.)

A year after Apple's tangential hospital scare sent my way in 2011 (it pays in reverse to knock it out of the park trolling Steve Jobs' money), I found that the Raspberry Pi filled the OpenWRT space that was in my life. I was obviously in no mood to use a computer from 2011 through 2015 due to abuses placed upon me by the State-sponsored Obamacare industry. I'm just going to say it, because I care about you also: You're all losing somehow because the open players are being thrown around a virtual gain wreck with enough distraction guesswork to keep them away from necessary victories. Today that's the standard for everyone with a cellular phone because of broken notification systems and vomit-themed color systems.

If you think this is all too much of a guess, you'd be wrong if you weren't right. I don't know what you are, but be prepared to be wrong. Aaron Swartz was chased to suicide in 2013 after he was found to be mirroring academic journals, and there are overlapping interest fields that make me concerned for that man's fate. As if we were unfamiliar with each other and had the same class. External to that, my goal as someone who was asked to moderate 4chan was to prevent on-site trouble and promote reasonable interaction without being invasive, and I did have to prevent suicides due to the troublemakers. This likely qualified me immediately to run and route the MedStar problems I experienced to be able to rank up and break the Johns Hopkins 'Zayed' problems that eventually blew out DPW in 2016-2017. Not even thinking yet that my D.R.W. initials were in someone's selector code.

I moderated 4chan until the Apple's virtual hospital-backed wrecking ball of 2011 arrived, whereupon the set-up seems – after much introspection and evaluation of the gating policies of the various stages of that problem – that someone somewhere wanted to pressurize and break the site's silence code that disallowed but not prevented us from saying we were moderators. If only someone had introduced me to Aaron.

Is the problem set a myth? Or are we in problems? — You're in interpretation. Same here. I keep my high-tech website this easy and accessible for a reason – one amongst many. Perhaps annoying.
The prevailing guess here is if we have stable bounds-checking, we can stay calm while partitioning what seems like life's requested triage of countless lined-up rumors away from our main problems:

  • did we eat food?
  • are we sleeping well?
  • are we showering well?
  • are we being victimized in a vulnerable population again?
  • are we paying the bills?
  • important: are we being talked down to, and/or are we being dumbed down to submissively forget things by the computer graphics and music that we needed to ingest?
  • more important: do friends and family have our current expressions, as well as us having theirs? (keeping up appearances 1999, or 'networking 101')

    My allegation is that we have an existing framework of grown-up understanding that may already be working, if we're careful, to help us with these middle-ground problems, and it could be that UNIX cast as the virtual "UNIversity X" that I've been tracking for several years now could be a good guide for some. It's everything you've ever brought into a college that never existed until you noticed it, perhaps. DVD is a fine on-ramp to movie and motion criticism, and I'm sure you know how to outrank some local arts majors somehow. If you know how to do filing, you're probably already on UNIversity X's non-existent student list, if only you could find a way to, you know, make it real without making it real. (It's an explainer for that old prospector set-up of the Coca-Cola machine, without the popcorn or movies, being ignored at the local school while all the unwed mothers start to show up without access rights or documentation to the control system or the compiler, but maybe a lot of good grades in health or science classes. Boundary's there, you know you don't ask, but you know the system is being run stupid somehow with bad documentation and really unlocalized manual pages. Do you inflate your ego and ignore the problem by logging on to another venture, or do you hope you can pull a victory system through the patchwork of failed networking constructs? I can't answer this for you. Also, Coca-Cola has some fake water to sell you.)

    DVD was said to be the last copy of a movie you'd have to purchase because of how physically solid the format is. Following the DVD format, the DRM-loaded HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Disc have failed to topple the DVD format, and microchip technology (hello, Stanley Kubrick!) seems to have taken over. As I mentioned Dr. Stallman, whose initials are R.M.S., I would like to note that he always seems to provide a noteworthy, funny, and freewheeling attitude often by expressing low-grade mischief in the fields that he's well-known in. It is a very valid motion industry that he casts outwards into our interpretive lives for us to reconstitute as our considerations of need and fulfillment in those fields. Including data processing intersecting into text or script editing. That's an easy thing to fall back on maybe, if we knew there wasn't judgment. The internet has been wrecked to bend to the Apple ego system in-play stealing all the credits while Google is actively assaulting and stealing from peoples' kids, exactly as Steve Jobs without the money alleged, and I have to therefore down-mode both into opening up until that system crashes and/or restarts proper. Not buffering OpenAI as middleware that rapes mobile users across their career and home boundaries to imitate them into losing to OpenAI's licensors in court.

    So what caused me to write this today? I've seen my color system flaunted in some interesting places, which does give me contextual awareness for certain criteria in-mode (we'll give some talks about these topics later), so it was with a bit of a groan that I noticed Dr. Stallman's traditional red shirt color and his lowercase initials in Mr. Kubrick's 1971 hooligan drama, which I've already tied on a lightweight debug track to virtual constructs of Google and Apple design system clashes. As my initials are somehow nearby in the movie company's proprietary signage, I'll note that I have made technical drawings that I cannot show you due to exploitation of persons who have autism. My only external qualification in the drawing field is that my grandfather drew architecture, and yes, I am very accomplished. Keep in mind, however, that Google errantly tried to derail the information economy by illegally claiming to be the alphabet so it could get your kids interested in unaccountable free YouTube movies and thought-breaking graphics in mobile. I wrote this today so I don't need to draw.

    We're not here to judge Mr. Stallman, I hope. Judge the entertainment system instead. I'm considering that the GNU System has showed up in all the right places for many years to keep people smart and flexible in certain ways.

    However, external to news system, on the topic of the way different DVD and movie system, which seems to be very litigious and also sexually provocative on terms of business-as-usual without discussion or criticism: if you encountered signage in a movie that's this well-regarded, that's this darned confusing, with the only hooks into the error system being a screenwriter, an unknown signmaker, a symbol and graphics set with Latin characters, a motion picture team, an international rating system, and an unknown dollar and ego amount balancing it all, surely resulting in some people being stalled at a critical juncture of life or paying twice or more to watch the movie again at an expensive theater machine, wouldn't you be concerned? It helps to note style system failures, and it does not reflect well on the media that they hold everyone underwater on rumors and speculation about this old game being somehow anti-religious. This specific crossword find doesn't say much, until you consider the 'anything industry' wanted me surprised to find Unix and computer science, possibly to purchase Unix at many millions of dollars of investment, now just pennies on a network.

    I hope this makes less mysterious the preoccupations of repetition that cause some of the greatest successes and failures in a design analyst's life. Whoever you are, you probably deserve more friends your way, the same as I deserve more friends my way, the same as others deserve more friends their way. Even if all you have in common is a few artistic crossword puzzles and colour pairs. Happy bird day.

    (Note: The length of this page may have me spending time to place it into a multi-page layout. Or not. Thank you for your patience while I try this several ways off-line.)

    Internet links about Unix – sometimes pronounced 'you-nicks' or 'uniques'

      The fuzzy hard-links below are compatible with my first-level VEN-check protocol. It stores and recovers from the file and is a known area.
      There is a boundary check system applied that is not yet codified or versioned because it is successful.
      The links shown here are are fuzzy access keywords for network resources, not definitions of who or what is being mentioned.
      I do not move keywords out of 'check' into other systems as the keywords are local-system-proprietary to this type of document.
      This is an active human-made keyword reference system with no-run in computer for reasons said; I am running 'check' via myself.
      One goal is to down-mode HTML links: they are keyword networks with unacceptable mode-shifts and design failures. They should deconstruct into confidence metadata in stasis.
      Searching for real terms should be placing users in contextual place visually: they shall arrive with real relevant information, not esoteric design system advertisements such as links or keywords.
      [drw 20231123] VEN/TET.8300

  • N/DMR - Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie – a primary developer of the UNIX system, of age 82, deceased aged 70, earned an award
  • N/KLT - Kenneth Lane Thompson – edited early text editors including Unix, provided a public game system under his name, earned an award, worked at Google
  • V/BTLA - Malcolm Douglas McIlroy – suggested pipelines in software for Unix, developed utilities named with shorthand, thus perhaps rewarded by looking like the guy from Apple Computers
  • V/BWKN - Brian Wilson Kernighan – further standardized the "C" programming language by providing documentation, name familiarity, may have been in a computer user group

  • V/TRE - Richard Matthew Stallman – GNU System pioneer, GNU project Emacs editor, company critic, best wishes
  • N/LATO - Linus Benedict Torvalds – Linux developer

  • CWO/A.RE - Roger Ebert – 1972 – May or may not be a review of a motion picture depicting the development of an entertainment-focused operating environment using a unique language and multimedia
  • A Research UNIX Reader: Annotated Excerpts from the Programmer’s Manual, 1971-1986 - M. Douglas McIlroy – "Accompanying commentary recounts some of the needs, events, and individual contributions that shaped this evolution."
  • University of Maryland at College Park - This is where Unix would have been taught to paid and graded students incorrectly when I wasn't older.
  • Johns Hopkins University - This university may have had to increase its tuition due to the Unix standards compliance wars. Most of its students today graduate into reputable recordkeeping fields.
  • Nintendo Co. Ltd. - Post-war Japanese computer maker that did not fashion keyboards for its United States users. It is lineage-placed as the result of the signage and testing facility shown in the movie.
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