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To the next intern: If Steve Jobs could do it, Apple can't.

February 1, 2024

In the midst of a faltering economy, Apple Computers is planning on releasing a virtual reality headset to bankrupt the remaining art students still hooked on the company's belated retail-based design college. The sadly outmoded headset computer's price in the United States is pegged to the house number of my home address so I don't forget to avoid purchasing it, so why not take it on with that Nintendo-based heads-up display I was working on in 2011? .. Interoperability has some of the worst allocators ever, so as we get 2024 underway, let's go out of the way to concern ourself with Google's rising suicide rate (wow, wonder why) as Android starts to adopt more awful art styles and colors into its operating system, and let's talk very briefly about Apple's Foxconn worker suicides and how most consumers are ending up to be the unhired worker without a choice.

Apple's worker abuses in China that came to light in the year 2010 still persist in other places within the company's complex and complicated ecosystem of art-based gaming devices, as the executive move to more expensive and more fragile products place consumers in a shrinking vanity-driven ecosystem ripe for technical failures. Apple's move to a 9-1-1 and hospital-based architecture of "necessity telephony" had placed the company out of questioning range of news reporters, and as larger and larger concerns buy into the errant belief that they can make their company invicible by tying it to a person's heartbeat's needs (the products can detect this), consumers are regularly left corporately breathless on the verge of wondering why this company is permitted to succeed without regulations on its monopoly forces upon the sub-modern consumer computer market and its news ties.

The proprietary locked computer scam of the 1980s is still alive and well in the IOS device market, where the company enjoys an almost near 100% marketshare of IOS-compatible devices. As the company's products are now required for citizens of many governments to participate in what government provides in services, due to misplaced initiatives meant to throw people into world-wide-web information system mistakes, we're beginning to see how to company reacts as app purchases decline and music and motion picture revenue vanishes: it's to hit the circuit with another failed platform of mistakes and broken promises. It may remind you of the story of Germany setting fires as the wars started.

Much like the Apple telephone and the Apple VR headset, the Android telephone of today won't be operable in a decade unless it's running real software such as Linux, not fake crypto-certificate-shot hardware such as IOS or Android.

Pay them again to try and give them a call: try and tell them to stop killing the industry with bad art, and to stop stealing from all those workers that haven't been paid by the cloud yet.

If you put data into an Apple device, then Apple is immediately guilty of stealing your data until they answer your questions. Remember that.

title: "apple"
run time: 9 minutes, 6 seconds
production date: May 2019
broadcast date: May 24, 2019

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