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Logon happens at public housing, bizarre implied reverse logoff happens at home? .. or.. Unfamiliarity causes concern!

December 20, 2023 at 7:19 P.M. Eastern Time

It's an acceptable thing to watch out for scams. If you've ever applied to a state or government service and you've started to receive letters with other people's names in the mail, including whether it shows your address or not, you may have actually caught the government trying to bait you into committing mail fraud.

As early as possible in an unfamiliar situation, such as this one, maybe, be careful of external links to unrelated things, even if they seem like implications or connections. Don't let bad information into your problem-solving, and maybe you don't need to problem-solve if there isn't a problem. But you know you can do something, maybe. No sweat. Whatever the situation is that you encounter, the correct verifications from you could help you keep yourself at your earlier or previous levels of safety, in case if you think you're going into a bad area of evaluation or thought.

That said, does anybody know a "Cristian Montgomery"? Not Montgomery Scott, the supposed engineer of Star Trek, and not Jesus Christ of Christianity fame. The Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC) purposely sent something to my home address today with that unfamiliar name, so as I just recently heard a few weeks ago that HABC was accepting me into public housing, and I'm now going through the procedure of requesting that my doctor verify my diabetes disability for HABC, it sure is a point of confusion to see an HABC envelope with an unfamilar name stamped with "Applications and Waiting List" on the back. If that weren't enough, it was sitting atop a new 2024 calendar sent by the Baltimore City Department of Public Works: my former employer which I have have a still-active EEOC complaint against due to its intolerance of people of faith.

The duress and implications system has existed for years in America, causing people to stay silent or inactive while fearing any number of things linked to an inexact element of expression, such as a fake name that may or may not be related to an investigation of the Mayor. The allegation from me at this stage (and that could change) is that there is someone crooked again operating at the Housing Authority of Baltimore City, and as Mayor Brandon Scott, not Montgomery Scott, is up for re-election, someone is again trying to punch the autistic guy with random bullshit to get free F.B.I. cookies or 0-day warez.

Wow. I'm going to pause for just a moment, because I think I just expressed what the schadenfraude complement is to running a non-underwritten government service. "Mr. Invincible thinks he was punched, but there was zero burden and negligible proof. What happened, did the English robot break his major diploma trying to be more human? Quick, ratchet the feed system at Twitter to get Jayne Miller spilling more fake coded typos. Wasn't she supposed to be politically correct?" (Note: I just threw some proverbial gum at a dartboard without coding names into a stack, and I already know before publishing that it hit and drew lawsuits.)

That concern to the side for the time being, in a separate incident a few years ago, that time at the Maryland Department of Human Services (D.H.S.), I was provided with an edited acceptance letter with fake error code criteria on it accompanying my legitimate verified temporary benefit of Public Assistance to Adults (P.A.A.). As we were talking about initials recently (wow, just yesterday actually!), whereupon we found Microsoft was borrowing my initials to make a Windows XP CD-ROM (how likely is that? aren't I lucky?), I'll not provide the following information for no reason, but instead I'll provide it strictly on the terms that I understand the government is trying to get me to be productive during my ongoing writing strike because it thinks it has a right to what I say for free. And that information is simply that my mother's maiden name initials were A.A.P.. So why the grand walk-up? It seems that sending fake acceptance letters to autistic people is a primary way for either instigators or investigators working for the government to gain paychecks. Therefore, since I was correct in what I did at DPW, I get to void their paycheck not only by having a spotless work history, but also by speaking out on the grounds of you the public, and yes even Bill Gates deserving to know more then the modern government is given access to.

So I'll ignore the unfamiliar "Nero Community Care" reference that was thrown on the letterhead of Maryland's P.A.A. acceptance letter for a while, since it seems to be not only incendiary to imply by way of initialization of that name by way of history that somebody's burning, in hell or otherwise, but it's also not relevant. Interestingly enough, my current rent contract in 2023 is at a residence that has the word "Community" in the title, and the surrounding words in my P.A.A. document are not only proprietary to me, but because of the letterhead and the proof of payment, I can prove that actors working with access to the State of Maryland have been setting me up around successful failure after successful failure to gain information for free, which is not what I provide.

And I can further prove that my speaking up to guarantee my rights are protected have denied me access to more than one local job offer, causing the necessity of public housing's approval and other government support such as food benefits. I have a right to work in the State of Maryland, and denial of my right to work is causing strife for the companies involved. Companies from Apple on down are learning that it does not pay to turn your policies into that of a Communist dictatorship running a company in a Capitalist success zone. Also, the State working against me at corporate by crashing my job interviews via bad M.T.A. Mobility actors, while the City works against me and the people by not hiring me at the Mayor's Office of Employment Development guarantees that there is liability external to me when I'm not able to pay my 100% of my rent check. So here's Rain Man to rain on your parade: Before you go looking Nero up on Wikipedia thinking it explains any of the crimes committed, be sure to note that top-heavy systems have an advantage of giving you a fraudulent umbilical cord and overwhelming your senses with art junk. That's the internet. But to some people it might be Buddhism, for all I know. It's definitely somehow the English language, or not.

Note for shelter abuse survivors: Due to failures of government, Mr. Winslow cannot be held to liabilities in rent payment. After a year into renting with hardly any money to spend for himself, a public housing accommodation or employment are required for Mr. Winslow to be able to pay his full rent on the terms that Baltimore County described, and while Douglas may sue the government, he cannot be forced to do so to gain an accommodation because he would then have the right to bankrupt it: the government is at fault for baiting Douglas with the court and running everything else in conditional absentia as an implier of the guilt of an unsaid overwhelming victor. These court abuses, along with their lack of insurance policies, are what lead to government-backed employment mazes such as Coronavirus pandemic.

Note for partitioning: The burning reference isn't about Douglas's necessary complaints to the Baltimore City Fire Department about DPW's building being a fire hazard, it's a reference in the D.H.S. P.A.A. document about the word "Nero": a corporation name of something health-related from someone else's social service record which errantly found its way onto Douglas's P.A.A. acceptance letter to make sure he had something to errantly fear or report after he had to talk to local elected representatives to gain a peaceful end to a stalemate where Larry Hogan's Department of Human Services was being used as a political weapon to starve Douglas during December of 2020, prior to the staged Capitol Riots of January 2021. Before the elected representatives responded, Douglas was forced to use the Twitter social networking account that he owns to alert the Maryland government to its errant responses and food cutoffs since there were no other points-of-presence that were answering. It is necessary to provide a reminder at this stage that Douglas Winslow has autism and suggested support for Buddhism as a Catholic.

And this is an important tip: don't let anyone put you into any delusions of grandeur. That was the news and entertainment media's job.

You may have started reading this as an article about how to avoid a scam, so be alert at how to partition your concerns apart from each other. For all you know I might be a scam artist. Maybe Brandon Scott is not the mayor of Baltimore City. Maybe Montgomery Scott is not an actor from Star Trek. And maybe the name Cristian does not imply the name or word Christian.

The name on the letter, no matter how it reached me in proximity to that DPW calendar, is an illegal communication in the autism community because we don't imply that people have to change to fit in, nor do we mix external unrelated game programs, such as the calendar, computers, or religion, with the intent to intimidate a person.

Here's a useful technique: It doesn't seem like there's a game going on, but maybe there is somehow. Out of nowhere, let's tally the score and find out who again tried to bankrupt Douglas into more heartache and worries.

  • Douglas applied for housing at HABC in 2021, which social workers had been withholding from him as a possibility since 2016 since he was fired for making a fire safety complaint and a religious intolerance complaint at DPW while not being allowed to have an autism diagnosis.

  • The city and state bankrupted Douglas out of his house and car in 2017, forcing him to rely on city and state services while problems were manifested around him to make him position and comment upon social networks, which made sure corporations had an allegedly valid reason not to hire him because of his anti-corruption stance.

  • HABC on 12/12/2023 requested that Douglas's doctor return his disability verification paperwork to them by 12/26/2023, during Christmas closures. HABC is now not returning phone calls or e-mails, which is why Mr. Winslow was sent the wrong name on a letter by computer determination. (Silence is the first sign a government is going to fail.)

  • Douglas sent the HABC disability verification form to his endocrinologist working at Johns Hopkins since that hospital has previously diagnosed Douglas with diabetes, and the HABC accommodation must include reachable accessibility and safety.

  • The hospital was given very limited access to contact HABC by way of HABC's disability verification form to verify that Mr. Winslow has diabetes.

  • Douglas has empty copies of the HABC form for his other medical contacts in the event that Johns Hopkins is disqualified by failing to deliver their doctor's diagnosis in verification form, or in the event that their participation falls into the deeper boundaries of this evaluation scenario.

  • The doctor was silent from 12/15/2023 to 12/20/2023 where I learned today she is on vacation. She was said to not fill out these forms though, so I will take my prescribed insulin pen to HABC to show that I have a disability as per her prescription.

  • Hospitals routinely keep track of a patient's religion because of unknown reasons. It is thought that the reason is to accommodate the patient's religion, however, I have proof that disproves this on several occasions.

  • Legitimate or not, the HABC letter was stacked and staged with the name "Cristian Montgomery" to make it look like Douglas had to follow Christianity to gain the public housing that he already paid for with his self-employment, payroll, and sales taxes.

  • Douglas was studying Buddhism at the time of his criticism of DPW and Johns Hopkins Hospital's errant hold of him in 2017, where he encountered the first distillation of the Japanese Hospital pain maze:

  • On January 25, 2021, Mayor Brandon Scott's Department of Housing and Community Development was found tallying a building code violation (notice #1964136A) against an Airbnb on Kingsway Road that Douglas had been paying full rent at with a good reference for months, causing the owner of the residence to justify stealing Mr. Winslow's already paid rent for the rest of the month and abandoning him, without electricity, heat, water, meeting, or support, into a freezing cold Baltimore City just prior to the death of his grandmother. One of the violations listed is "REAR DOES NOT EXTEND TO GROUND", so you know someone put one in to hit the Buddhist.

    So. Airbnb is being investigated for its part in driving up Baltimore's rent costs is what I'd say to you at this juncture. Around January 2021, you may have remembered the Capitol Riots happening. At that time, the government was backfiring internally due to Doug's insistence that he did not have to be vocal on social media or anywhere else about what his opinion is, and that he could hold back on copyright grounds to cause the system to respect authorship and personal rights. Thank you for waiting many months to read what your family will be forced to deal with unless you take on big, bad government.

    Score: 0. Result: Douglas wins. I'll be sure to update you, unlike Apple or Google.

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