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Baltimore City Housing Authority dilemma: how easy is it for clockwork anti-Alex to get his accommodation?

December 11, 2023 at 7:34 P.M. Eastern Time (updated 12/16/2023)

Well, is that all? After all this, it seems that even with the overlap of Mr. Kubrick's and others' motion pictures and television programs with real life, it's not definitive if we're all in life imitating art, or if Mr. Kubrick and others were just that good at playing the motion picture industry for after-effect points.

We've noted what entertainment's position is, and that's that they can plausibly have any number of problems spawn from a motion picture. As I've been criticizing movies since the 1990s, it's important to note: I'm not going to give up on getting the best result from that wrecked industry as it tries to modernize all the wrong answers in all the wrong forms in the present day.

Entertainment mediums such as TV and the movies are used as education for some people, and as I tried to note in my fiction write-ups, which were met with great acclaim in certain writers' circles, the choice is usually up to the consumer. I've taken great care in setting up a valid medium in my printed page for criticism, in every column, and, as I tie some other loose ends of the so-called "baseball book" together for publishing, I'm realizing more that people needed to be challenged earlier in school to be less wasteful in their lifestyles today. Most people today require electricity, that will not change. The sun provides that in the future, not Hollywood.

I have an interview coming up for the Baltimore City Housing Authority "Public Housing Mixed Population" program. The postal mail I was sent on 11/21/2023, that I received the evening of 11/25/2023, says that I need to have my SSN, proof of age, and proof of eligible immigration status ready for review. There are no problems with any of those items as far as I know, and there is hopefully nothing blocking me from qualifying to be a disability public housing resident now except some very distant terminology which is meant to confuse.

There's a lot of reading trouble apparent when I read the Baltimore City Housing Authority's public housing documents, and, yes, it is true that information systems such as the Housing Authority's web site itself have taken a very steep dive since the initial days of the World-Wide-Web. This is because people are not criticizing the term-pilers. Here are some unclear overlapping and confusing terms that I found in both the interview letter that I was sent, as well as the waiting list FAQs from 6/26/2023 found on the HABC web site: (opening-of-the-wl-faqs-ecc-revisions-6-26-2023.pdf)

9. eligibility interview
8. eligibility screening
7. eligibility determination
6. full eligibility application
5. eligibility screening interview
4. screening eligibility determination interview

Can you figure out which is which, or what you should be prepared to receive from participating in any of these terms? You'd think maybe that this is all positive terminology by itself. However, what I've found that is more likely is that the set-up is that I'm supposed to act autistic and stupid trying to call HABC and Mayor Brandon Scott's office to narrow down why certain terms do not match up with the interview being described, as if I'm a computer. (Yes, most of the failures of government are sad honeypots for us.) For example, there is said to be a waiting list and an application, but the PDF suggests that there is a waiting list, now a preliminary application or pre-application, another waiting list now, and then a completed application, and maybe a possible other interview. So I don't know what this interview I'm going to actually does for me. That's not how the City rebuilds, Mr. President.

If you don't criticize communications that are so confusing, and the government gets away with it, you're lesser because nobody won and the government lost. Therefore you're more likely to proceed from an implied victory at losing. That's not a good outcome if you want things to run properly, as they should have run properly for me when I was shunted away from financial aid and public housing by government inaction in 2017. At that time I was criticizing confusing shelter map signage placed at the local food stamp office while they were busy not calling me to the desk for an interview. I ultimately went on a near-death hunger strike, broke the pain maze at the doctor when I decided to use an antihistamine, and recovered the moment of silence that Rudy Chow's DPW lost.

No doubt about it, I'm ready to get a good placement and get into public housing so I don't spend all of my paycheck on rent, and so I have the option of paying back the current landlord for the one month of rent that's overdue at this stage of Baltimore City's waitlist. I have to assume on some level that the 9-month television-media-required camera-heavy Catonsville shelter stay was a setup to bankrupt me into a random lottery that is being used to guide housing. But when Brandon Scott's office and HABC don't pick up their phones, why would I want to move into their housing system?

Zeke Cohen's staff have been nice enough to return my call to his office where I noted the troubles with HABC's and the Mayor's telephone system. I noted that I'm not going to buy anything with sales tax in Baltimore City if I don't get a response, so I look forward to responding when I am more able. It's not very time-permissive having a disability that does not yield strength when expected (how cinematic..); but there is no excuse for City offices to not answer the questions that we as the public ask.

Robin Carter is said to be the chairperson of the board of commissioners of HABC, and Janet Abrahams is said to be the president and/or chief executive officer of HABC. I would like to note that the administration that made sure I got paid at the Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW) was headed by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake and Mr. Gregory Scheihing. He was countered by Ms. Maria DeChellis, who was brought on past her consultant role as the City of Baltimore spent millions of dollars on a Microsoft-driven water billing system that placed many families out of reach of fair housing. This was a setup to illustrate the dangers of proprietary software, as the broken elevator parts at DPW were a hint and a hit at proprietary hardware, with enough minutae to break even the most strict autistic engineer. The parts are fake, they'll always show up out of nowhere if you don't figure out that it's all rigged. And even then, shouldn't you have access to the composition of the materials? Oh well.. (I understand that Rudolph Chow works under heavy inspection in D.C. now..)

I'll update you as I learn more about what exactly to expect at tomorrow's interview, so I'd like to remind you today 12/11/2023 that DPW fired me on 9/11/2017 for asking management why they don't allow people of faith to have a moment of silence during a workday. First for Christianity/Catholicism and Buddhism, and then for Islam, since it seems they'd really care about an answer. DPW's Human Resources team didn't answer me and management tried to cause me to have a heart attack by forcing me to climb stairs to a work desk. They then started to flail by relocating my desk to an abandoned room with no telephone while assigning me tasks that I had no chance of completing without an error on a computer that was rigged by City investigators to catch me plugging in an Ethernet cable, which I did not allow to happen. Ms. DeChellis claims to have been a supporter of Autism Speaks, but she didn't reply to most of my complaints, including a finding that the Abel Wolman building did not have 9-1-1 telephone service. She is a bad supervisor, and she was fired. (I am noting the same vacation-time abandonment patterns at MTA now that MTA's officers need to justify the horrible ADA compliance that somehow promoted itself out of DPW into certain MTA Mobility rides, where I caught MTA stealing social media information from my postings to make creepy references in the vehicle in an attempt to get me to act into their treason. Bart Plano, Joyce Tarrant, Holly Arnold.)

I didn't really need the moment of silence at DPW, perhaps, even though it was mandated as needing to be there by the union (led by Antionette Ryan-Johnson), which has broken entertainment system and auto in all directions on the west coast and elsewhere, but seeing how the system tried to beat and break me down for ignorance's purposes made it worth my while to re-interpret the letter from DPW stating that I had been "terminated" (T. Pointer). Not a chance. Not gonna happen. Did you know someone's wasting laser printer toner on these documents? Baltimore is an old art town, and it's not respected because it's not an old art town when you opt for giving us art instead of what we asked the government for. Duh. Stop letting media arts run you, and please opt to knock-out companies such as Google and Apple which most people in technology have always known were there to give you the dummy solution to information systems. What a bad internet.

Maybe try to document yourself above-and-beyond as a person of reason someday, if you haven't already. As far as all the ham-baked movie references, which still do have their place and suitable monetization, in the Kubrick set, the actor that played the character of Alexander DeLarge, Malcolm McDowell is still alive. Maybe he'll find a way to write about public housing some day. Wherever it is..

Update (12/15/2023): The application form and waitlist on the web was in fact an application that led to the preliminary application and other associated HUD paperwork at an actual office. I selected that I need assistance with the application process, and that I also need help understanding or using the Public Housing program because of my disability. I submitted the HABC disability verification forms to a doctor so they can also give their opinion on what accommodations the City should provide to me in housing, however I did submit Social Security paperwork to HABC that confirms that I have a disability. I'm still waiting to hear back from HABC or HUD about how to understand the Public Housing program, including Section 8, and the non-elderly disabled housing accommodation waiting list I signed up for in 2021 which I'm still waiting on. There is a disinformation and dissonance war happening on the World Wide Web, where low-income people are confused with all the terms and options that go into gaining more income (money), which is usually a real solution to real housing troubles. Believe it or not, you may understand housing waitlists better by rigging a calendar upside-down and playing Mario Bros than reading anything from HUD or the Housing Authority. Time to cut down on that super-healthy EBT spending and see if the grocery stores are hiring..

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