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X Company tracks down O's bird hat guy

July 29, 2023 at 2 P.M. Eastern Time

Did you like the Twitter bird logo? Something in me thinks that the bird logo had an actual bird backing it somewhere. The good news for you is that if you like birds as many do, you can wear something that shows birds are cool dudes. For example, here's a photograph of me wearing my birds hat, which is a hat from the Baltimore Orioles baseball team.

While 'bird' is not the word as Sethward MacFarlane might sell you, the word in fact is that birds like eating and flying around. Also birdhouses are a thing. There aren't many birds on very hot days when there's a lot of heat, so keep that in mind.

I can't talk any more about the obvious concern that I've caught Hollywood operating in 'gay' business dealings mode, that is, they think they have something to keep me out of the industry I probably would've founded in another lifetime, which is where the DVD industry's failed intellectual property lawsuit that gave me heart problems in 2000 comes into the conversation. That's troubling given the fact that I've never yet been a person who files lawsuits to get results. It does help to not have heart attacks, correct?

If you know the development timeline I adhere to for the ListX system (it's not related to Twitter or the internet), you know I always have too much to deal with. This is an old project from the early 2000s that branched off in my direction from something a friend and I very simply called 'the X Project', and it still remains relevant in the current day.

I'm still waiting for the non-elderly disabled public housing voucher advantage promised by Brandon Scott's Baltimore City Government in December of 2021, because all of my money is going to pay my rent bill. So, if you find yourself in a non-responsive government or corporate maze, you've probably insulted the ego of an elected representative, corporate executive, or lawyer by being correct. Try to keep yourself on record and stay level-headed and rational, because you are probably out of most troubles scot-free once the system tries to rig near you.

Of concern is the current economy. Obviously Bidenomics is supposed to be the slow and crippling solution to day work, because he's biding his time.. Do you remember just going to a place of employment and getting hired on the spot? Don't let my name fool you: I'm the quickest guy I know, and they have broken my name in this scenario to make it look like I am a gamer who needs to wait to win. (I am not a gamer, of course. We'll be providing a talk about the data mining economy and the problems of government intervention when Google narrows down a few more things in its virtual Clockwork Orange gang's corporate agenda.. Jeez.. you should've called, Stanley..)

I've been wearing my Pathfinders for Autism tassel as shown in the picture since around the time I got it on April 8, 2023 at an Autism job fair at Coppin State University. I rigged it to look somewhat like the uniforms from the Star Trek original series movies; I think it looks really nice. As for the lanyard, you may be interested to know that I've had that since around 2018. It used to hold an Oriole Park at Camden Yards warehouse insert that I fashioned from an advertising brochure. That's back before I could afford the hat. So I can use an I.D. card holder for other things? Hmmm.. Seemed to be a good forwards-thinking purchase at the time. I wore this throughout the B.W.I. Airport area during my homelessness in 2017 and 2018, it was photographed on me in an errant altercation started by the MTA Police, and it's still going strong at thousands of days of use. It's turned around in this picture because I don't want to burden you by showing my identification. (Yes, that is a supported mode of usage, as many Hopkins and Medstar employees proved to me before 2019.)

As for my lack of the haircut, sometimes I just have to live it up. As marketing and branding is one of my armchair specialties, I'd appreciate any input people have as to how I should handle being somehow re-branded as X Corporation when birds need things that aren't web sites. Why not go meet some birds and have a good day? (Note: Please don't consider me as being affiliated with or associated with the stylized X Corporation branding system currently running at Twitter. I had no input into the Twitter web site's decision-making, and there is no contract that would permit any association of concern or cause at the level being demonstrated. I cannot comment on the branding system in use there at this time.)

I'm not sure "tweet" should be a trademark. I've found in naming that it's best to always refer to a bird name with the actual word "bird" after it, as a honorific for the bird. For example: 'oriole bird', 'chicken bird', 'cardinal bird'. Have a day that's nice.

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