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Keeping Multics for another day: The money was bankrupted into CBS

November 21, 2023 at 4:00 A.M. Eastern Time

As I've talked about with friends, I've been working on starting an entertainment-based operating system using language arts and relatable references as both a file system and a dynamic linker to bring people into a better understanding of interoperability in modern society for the person with autism. To this date, it's resulted in major corporate decisions and billions of U.S. dollars of serious (non-silly) money moving inside the internet economy. It's my view that you should be able to be confident with your own decision-making using what you have to work with and what you want to bring to a situation that you deem vital to express yourself in, and you should feel comfortable being yourself. Being a virtual professor doesn't pay the bills, though, even after the Metroid namedrop, and neither does spotty authorship (you can blame Amazon's compensation numbers for that), so please be patient while I figure out how to turn a profit in the internet economy. I think you'll be better off, as will I, if I can figure it out. (Confidence underpins the economy.)

Aside from that, while I'd like to go into more detail about what corporate media services have placed into our lives as both entertainment and operating systems, I'm coming to terms with the earning potential and the necessities of the CBS economy I described related to Unix. Now, don't get me wrong: ABC and "Still The One" (Linux) is still the leader here in productivity, but there's no money in it because everyone expects you to work for free – thus nobody wants to fix the problems that Unix and BSD started and that Linux made worse by bankrupting the hardware manufacturers into bankrupting other countries into hardware manufacturing. Know this: if you see a computer or a cellular telephone anywhere today, the hardware is made by a tied bankrupt loss-leader. Thus! .. There is good money in software since there is ultimately no support in computer hardware. (Let's assume Baltimore City is bankrupt, which hasn't been disproven: where did the money go?)

The CBS economy seems to support a lot of boring educational programming disguised as sitcoms with well-defined functions, a well-funded library of routines, and really well made header files for the time (1980s), so I'm going to start going through some commercials to see what reputable firms are still hiring. They're on ABC too, but as I said, there's no money in that walk-up. Why be distracted? Note: If you said bring PBS into it, please buy and wear a wristwatch of the era and turn off the television to calculate how to pay for the watch (it's a co-processor) and its political burden. It's not about time, it's about money.

Convenience businesses are one of the current on-line economies in my understanding of what's expected in interaction modes with the modern American executor, also known as the citizen. Television is an alright shim console for now, as a programmer, but be aware that you should probably be looking for real products if you want to gain employment the base way (college, office, etc.) and not the home way. As for businesses, I know where to apply for work and I know my comfort zone. All of those problems you heard of are an intricate set-up to get you to hire me and pay me, because I'm the money that's on record as showing up and not failing. Please don't ruin ability communities by falling through, and good luck.


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