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What the hell is Apple's logo? (Steve Jobs at interop beat the computer)

January 7, 2024 at 9:37 P.M. Eastern Time

* arab guy slams the remote
<arab guy> "This is a day I've been looking forward to for two-and-a-half years."
<usa president> "Oliver, that's marvelous!"

While the Jews and the Arabs are fighting again, I figured I'd go back and take a look at one of computing's favorite Arabs. Yes, of course, one of those favorites is Steven Paul Jobs, C.E.O. of Apple Computers. This is a short blog post to add to my video editing resume while I prepare to look for more fun in the future.

Mr. Jobs, an digital-analog-digital prankster by some people's definition, likely became so because of how serious the field of computing was. So, when he accidently put cameras in everyone's hand by shipping and selling an unpopular locked-down telephone, the rest of the industry thought it had to ship integrated cameras also. Then Jeff Bezos' Amazon Corporation started shipping automatic doorbells with cameras installed. The typical cellular phone camera is usually configured to send the private pictures and video it records back to the company that put them in the hands of the woman or man that received them. Today, there are more cameras per American city block than people.

America's image-driven society has gone stagnant waiting for media to reboot in the midst of a content overflow crisis that Apple and Netflix are still pouring ill-gotten cash into to maintain, while Google and Amazon try to bankrupt the traditional media by pointing at Netflix and cutting their losses on free software and low-cost hardware offerings. Proprietary studio-driven content pipes have sprung up, placing innovative and necessary communication networks such as TV/radio broadcast and satellite in crisis as Google anti-competitively uses its made-up money to break into the cable market.

We're well into the last decade of Apple's market heading, with the company having repeatedly failed to spot casual consumer trends leading up to the unprepared closure of its repair sites during COVID-19. That planned punishment stranded Mac and iPhone customers, and instead of spending on customer satisfaction, Apple instead opted to jack up prices, fatten the software, place Nintendo cutouts into the design, attack and arrest critics, ignore criticisms, and roll around in the meme-encrusted computerized pudding that the United States economy continuously allows Tim Cook to place into its catnip replacement zone.

Have you called your favorite operating system for 2024 yet? Are people really still buying $1200 Coronavirus stimulus telephones from Apple just to send text messages to each other? Apple and Google have been in major trouble since the launch of the Apple smartphone for not masking their cameras at the factory. Grandma and Grandpa deserve one less computer to worry about.

We'll talk about caste theory later, and how underclasses of social servancy and themetic exploitation have cropped up around the lack of pay that the Internet provides to its customers. Internet access will not cost money in ten years and neither will your device (that's a result of Apple and Google bankrupting you with fake stand-in products while they hold the real thing around every corner) so prepare your criticisms today for Comcast (d/b/a NBC) and Verizon and the rest of the lot that feel it's still okay to monopolize and squeeze the network so the corporation defined what you heard and saw. Have the companies heard we survived their COVID problem? Whatever the cost of your internet, I think your bill should be halved. Remember when apps were the thing? Stop letting all those rigged data-billed app updates flood out your bandwidth, too.

And as for Steve: Bravo on the long one. I personally have a few ideas on why he insisted on the timings and presentation choices that he did, but I don't allow people outside of autism into those conversations. No media calls just yet, please. (Apple Media is banned until further notice, you should know why.. Talk with your parents, not Tim Cook, and we'll wait to interpretively dance how things go..)

title: "The Steve Jobs Movie"
run time: 7 minutes, 27 seconds
production date: january 7, 2024
broadcast date: january 7, 2024 on thankrupt (via HTTP)

  • Laurence Kim Peek - Known as a social savant, his name may have allowed him or media to succeed at getting him media attention due to POKE and PEEK commands being implemented in the BASIC programming language. Kim Peek passed away on December 19, 2009.
  • Kemeny and Kurtz BASIC - Created in 1963, BASIC appeared on almost every home computer of note in the 1980s with direct memory PEEK and POKE commands. BASIC was released 4,555 days after Kim Peek was born.
  • Douglas Rice Winslow - I was born 9,862 days after Kim Peek and 5,307 days after BASIC was released. The Apple Computers iPhone was released when I was 10,457 days old. Kim Peek and I share the same calendar day of birth: the 11th of November; me in 1978, Mr. Peek in 1951. Steve Jobs and I were born 8,661 days apart. Mr. Peek and Steve Jobs were born 1,201 days apart. I began programming computers on a Commodore Computers VIC-20 running BASIC.

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