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Why do downloads exist?

October 1, 2023 at 9 P.M. Eastern Time

A long time ago, I decided to take words related to the word 'download' from my word list. If you're familiar with the demonstration of my INITUI staging platform from about 5 years ago (wow!), then at that point maybe it was understood to you that I was attempting some new ways to think of simplifying the filing system. INITUI isn't dead; in fact, I'm keeping with my progress very gradually of getting my own init program running with the Linux kernel and GNU so I can have my best understanding of how to simplify what I want to do with applications. (I'm not very happy with the 'systemd' operating system competing with GRUB and GNU/Linux for mindshare while Wayland is trying to break what I've learned about the protocol and interoperability of X11.)

The way I saw it in simplifying my word vocabulary was this: I don't want to be in a situation where I'm under any more stress than what I expect, in what I consider to be perhaps opcode-based on some level, so maybe since I have to scroll down and up and virtually orient myself in a document, I should concentrate on 'request an upload' and 'upload' as transfer terms. This is important, since we will be talking about some neat ways to interact with the same old internetworking we all know and love at some far-off stage.

I think maybe more than one overarching conflict has been caused where people were influenced by the terms 'uploading' and 'downloading' in competition with each other for mindshare. Just a guess: at least one person has been concieved of and born because of the words 'upload' and 'download'. What a BBS.

Speaking as a guy who has had to go from 'A:\>' to putting up with his initials in the 'ls' command's 'drw-rw-rw-' as well as my 'drw' user name and 'drw' group, in GNU/Linux, of all things: if you're interested in ListX or INITUI, please understand that making sure that I can produce my best software products ever includes a lot of observation of the state of the world my products are to be released into. That takes a lot of time. There's a societal interrupt that I have to honor if what I'm doing is going to be accepted on the world stage, it's also in my name, so I have to force myself to learn best-practices of localization and cultural interoperability so others outside of autism can understand what I want to express. I'd probably like to ask questions of the many developers who wrote the software that helped me survive the past seven years someday, if only I could make it understandable for the next person that needs a solution for that. E-mail is a heck of a beast. Maybe I'll start by changing my local hostname back to 'linux'..

As a vote of confidence in GNU/Linux, that is, The GNU System and the Linux kernel: I don't know how else I would have been able to achieve happiness with my computing setup since 1995, especially in light of health concerns I've noted elsewhere since 2011. I tend to think of this as an ability trek with a lot of virtual room. Meditation is not too bad. And what a recovery reallocating the carbohydrates. If I'm going to bring something into your workflow, I need to make sure it's as unobtrusive as possible and maybe not even necessary if it can teach and succeed on complementing some basic everyday routines the proper way.

I'm not quite a fan of C, as you maybe understand, so thanks for waiting and listening.

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