This site contains only LAWFUL information
It does NOT contain any of the software or program code in dispute

(This notice is in response to this request of 15-May-2000.) -drw

"The Court refuses to issue an injunction against linking to other websites which contain the protected materials as such an order is overbroad and extremely burdensome. Links to other websites are the mainstay of the Internet and indispensable to its convenient access to the vast world of information. A website owner cannot be held responsible for all of the content of the sites to which it provides links." *
William J. Elfving
Judge of the Superior Court of California

To any lawyers representing the DVD CCA and/or MPAA: Any attempted infringement of my first amendment rights will not be tolerated. Any attempt to deprive me of my rights will be viewed as harassment, and will be treated and pursued as such.

21 January 2000

To Friends and Fellow Advocates of Freedom,

Please note that files relating to css-auth and DeCSS are no longer being served by myself, as the mirror sites are doing quite an excellent job of keeping the files available. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in fighting over the cases filed against the mirror sites.

When I say everyone, I really do mean everyone, CCA lawyers included. Don't look at them as bad people. If, as expected by many industry and legal experts, they fail to emerge victorious in their suit, they will have presented to us a very special gift. That gift, one of legal precedent, will be invaluable to us as time progresses and our capabilities as enthusiasts of technology continue to grow.

Please remember, my friends, that in a system in which we're often reminded of our "right to remain silent", we must never lose sight of one very important fact: We have the right to remain vocal. Anything we say can and will be used to further evolve the knowledge-driven existence in which we live.

This is merely a battle in the ongoing war to preserve our intellectual freedoms. We can win the war.


Douglas R. Winslow III
Technology Enthusiast
Named Defendant, DVD CCA v. McLaughlin, et al

Links of interest:

  • Elfving decision, confirms Defendants' right to link to CSS information
  • Re-linked mirror list, original non-linked copy was courtesy of Jared B. Bobrow, Attorney for DVD CCA (Thanks!)
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation, assembling a legal team to defend the mirror sites
  • Social Hacks: DVD Protest, Chris DiBona's protest site
  • Huge list of mirrors, courtesy of humpin.org
  • Tom Vogt's site, lots of links, files, and information
  • Bojay (Signal 11's) homepage, neat stuff including DeCSS
  • Andrew McLaughlin was served with a summons on his front porch
  • OpenDVD.org, good arguments against CSS
  • 2600 Magazine, also named as a defendant
  • The Ultimate DeCSS Resource Site, hosted by PZ Communications, Inc.

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